The below information will provide you with an introduction to living at the complex and cover the most common questions management are asked about the building.


Residents are requested to book their move with building management at least 48 hours prior to the move so that it can be co-ordinated with other residents. Only one apartment is permitted to move-in to the building at any one time and bookings are accepted on a first-in basis. Residents are currently permitted to move-in to the building 7 days per week, 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 4:30pm Saturday and Sunday.

Moves can be booked in through the resident portal here – MYBOS.

To obtain your resident login, please contact Building Management.

Building Maintenance, Cleaning & Emergencies

Building management is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of common areas. Please report any non-urgent matters to building management via email at . For building emergencies such as large water leaks, management can be contacted 24/7 on 02 7255 8299.

Additional Keys & Access Cards

Should additional Fobs, Remote Controls or Keys be required, these can be obtained through Building Management. Residents can download the request form from the forms section of this website.

The costs are as follows:

$65 / Apartment Key 

$65 / Common Area Key & Fire Stairs

$75 / Security Fob 

$120 / Remote Control  

Apartment Defects & Maintenance

Apartment Defects:

Generally, minor apartment defects are only covered for a period of 90 days however, major items have a significantly longer defects liability period. Please contact us if you are unsure of what this period is for the item being raised. Any items already raised with NSPC should be followed up with them directly.

Common Property Defects:

Building management is responsible for maintaining the buildings common areas, residents may report common property defects via email or through the Mybos system.

The builders (NSPC) are responsible for most minor common property defects for a period of 12-24 months and major items for a period of 6 years. 

Connecting Gas & Electricity

When moving into the building you will need to connect your electricity by contacting a utilities provider. You are free to connect to a utility provider of your choice and they should be able to connect your service by you providing them either your address or meter number which is provided in your welcome packs or can be provided by Building Management if required. Contact details of some common utilities providers are:

Energy Australia: 1800 596 517 (

AGL: 13 11 89 (

The electricity meters are located on each individual floor and are read automatically. If however, a resident requires access to read/check a meter manually, they should contact building management.

Residents should ensure that they cancel their electricity accounts when they move out of the building to ensure they are no longer billed for usage at the apartment.

Water & Hot Water

Water is separately metered at Elena and the meters are located on each floor behind an unlocked cupboard. Residents can read/check meters on their own accord and the usage is billed to the registered apartment owner.

Sydney Waters contact details are:

132 092

Individual stop valves to turn on/off the hot and cold water to your apartment are generally located in the laundry or under your kitchen sink. All residents have access to the isolation valves located in the common corridor cupboards on each level, these valves will isolate the entire apartment if required.

The meter is located in the corridor hot water meter cupboards located on each floor and measures the amount of hot water used. By way of a calculation input by the provider, the amount of gas used to heat the water is charged to each residents’ gas bill.

Phone & Internet

The building is connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN), however, ADSL is also available. When occupying the apartment you are free to use a telecommunications provider of your choice to set up your telephone and internet. Providers should be able to set up your connection without accessing the building, however if for some reason they require access to the buildings Main Distribution Frame (MDF) please contact Building Management. Some popular telecommunications providers are:



TPG: 13 14 23 (


The building is Foxtel ready and residents wanting to use Foxtel’s services should contact them directly to arrange their connection at

Waste Disposal & Recycling

Refuse rooms are located on each floor of the building and contain the following:

Garbage Chute – General Waste / Food Scraps

Blue Lid Bin – Cardboard / Paper

Yellow Lid Bin – Bottles / Cans / Plastics

For bulky waste or household items for council collection we ask that residents bring items to the bin collection room on level B2 near the parcel storage room.

We ask that residents follow the rules surrounding the disposal of rubbish and recycling which can be found on the signage placed up in the refuse rooms.


The building’s by-laws outline the rules of the building such as noise, renovations and tidiness, etc. You can download the building’s by-laws via contacting Building Management or in the Library section of MYBOS.

Parcel Locker

Please note that we have an onsite parcel locker which can be used by all residents to ensure the safety and security of deliveries. The locker is located on level B2 behind the loading bay area. For instructions on how to register for deliveries, please click this link E-Welcome Pack.